Joseph Imhauser

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Joseph Imhauser 
b. 1981 (US) Sedalia, Missouri 

Solo exhibitions
2018 The Arsenic Waltz, Celaya Brothers Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico
2017 Poetics of a Wall Projection, Prattsville Art Center, Prattsville, NY
2011 Living Room with Twelve Corners, Popup Projects, Los Angeles, CA
2011 how ounces become tons, NYU Wagner School of Public Policy, New York, NY
2010 Lifesize (a collaborative exhibition with Akina Cox), Monte Vista Projects, Los Angeles, CA

Group exhibitions 
2018 Intoto 6, Fondation d'Enterprise Ricard, Paris, France
2017 Conversations in Print, Practice Gallery, New York, NY
2017 Intoto 5, 2 bis Passage de la Fonderie, Paris, France
2017 The Book of the WORD, Helsinki Contemporary, Helsinki, Finland
2017 State of Wonder, Agencia de Arte @ Corredor Cultural Roma-Condesa, Mexico City, Mexico 
2016 Todo en Orden, Celaya Brothers Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico
2016 Rican/Struction: Abraham Cruzvillegas & AmigosGalería Agustina Ferreyra, San Juan, Puerto Rico
2016 Salon Anti-Aufklärung II, Point Éphémère, Paris, France
2015 Un Cabinet de Curiosités Part 3, antoine lefebvre editions, Paris, France
2015 A various sundry of itemized gifts, Teatro Munganga, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2015 Exit: Cartografia de la Creatividad, Museo de Arte de Sinaloa, Culiacán, Mexico
2015 Roulade: The Hubris Issue, Husk Gallery, London, United Kingdom
2014 Homeland, Prattsville Art Center, Prattsville, NY
2014 If We Carry On Speaking the Same Language to Each Other, We Are Going to End Up Repeating the Same HistoryPARMER, Brooklyn, NY
2014 Half-Baked Antithesis, +81 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2014 Inaugural, 321 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 
2013 Body and Politics, EMBROS, Athens, Greece
2013 Fishing in the Dark, Violet's Cafe, Brooklyn, NY
2013 How About Now, Popup Projects, Los Angeles, CA 
2013 Il est amusant de prendre le train pour les petites villes, Galerie Immanence, Paris, France
2012 Paysages, Atelier Eléonore Josso, Paris, France
2012 NYU MFA 2012, 80WSE Gallery, New York, NY
2011 Collective Show - Los Angeles, North Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA
2011 The Weight of the Words, Stuffinablank Exhibitions, Madrid, Spain
2011 The Revolution of Everyday Life, Galerie Michel Journiac, Paris, France
2011 The Postcard, Rosenberg Gallery, New York, NY
2010 Elysian Park Museum of Art, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Los Angeles, CA 
2010 Diversions, Elysian Park Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA 
2010 Portrait Projects, Five Thirty Three, Los Angeles, CA 
2009 Playhouse, 4321 Atlantic, Long Beach, CA
2008 Artbang: Im Anfang War Der Urknall, .HBC, Berlin, Germany
2008 Hell-o Hell-a, Norma Desmond Productions, Los Angeles, CA
2007 Sculpture Brunch, JMOCA, Los Angeles, CA
2007 New Video from Los Angeles, Teatro Oficina, São Paulo, Brazil

2018 Cheeto Jesus and Piccioletta Barca with Siuyen Joa, Lyrics, Lits, and Liquor, Lady Stardust, New York, NY
2018 GemtacticsFirst Person Plural (Love and Freedom), New York, NY
2018 Tissue Paper Table Cloth, PRACTICE x Wind, Artists Space, New York, NY
2017 GemtacticsHeaded for the Hills Music Festival, Prattsville, NY
2017 GemtacticsAccompaniments, Unnameable Books, Brooklyn, NY 
2016 Gemtactics, Unnameable Books, Brooklyn, NY 
2016 Gemtactics, Marc Straus Gallery, New York, NY
2016 GemtacticsHeaded for the Hills Music Festival, Prattsville, NY
2016 C'est de L'eau with Karim Bensalah Anti-Aufklärung, Point Éphémère, Paris, France
2015 Cannibalism Alone Unites Us, with Nancy Barton and Patrick McGuinn, Between Night (Briefly) at the Widow Jane Mine, Rosendale, NY
2015 Consensus Fetish, Agora, Berlin, DE, August
2015 Cannibalism Alone Unites Us, with Niko Solorio A various sundry of itemized gifts, Teatro Munganga, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2014 Consensus Fetish, organized by Beatrice Glow, Floating Library, New York, NY
2013 This is Water, KCHUNG, Los Angeles, CA
2012 Summer is Not the Prize of Winter a relay performance by Alex Cecchetti, Shanaynay, Paris, France

2016 Sailboat Repeat, Dark Adaptations, 80WSE Gallery, New York, NY
2014 212 pliés, first position, Body and Politics, EMBROS, Athens, Greece
2014 The Three WitchesUtopias and Realities, Transborder Art at Anthology Film Archives, New York, NY 
2014 144 Gross, Nowhere Kitchen, Berlin, Germany
2014 Luckyday Joy Syringe, 321 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2014 Luckyday Lyeberry #14: Díasuerte, Cratér Invertido, Mexico City, Mexico
2014 Luckyday Lyeberry #13: Luckyday Potluck, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, CA
2012 Warm House, After-Set Film Series, Tribeca Grand Theater, New York, NY
2011 Sunset Boulevard, LA Road Concerts: Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA
2010 First USPS Airmail Pickup, Sedalia, MO, May 18, 1938 Northwest Film Center, Portland, OR 
2010 First USPS Airmail Pickup, Sedalia, MO, May 18, 1938 Driven by What's Inside, Side Street Projects, Pasadena, CA 
2009 First USPS Airmail Pickup, Sedalia, MO, May 18, 1938, A Very Loud Silence, Aquaspace, Atlanta, GA

2013 Fellowship, Université Paris 1 - Panthéon-Sorbonne, Paris, France
2012 MFA, NYU Steinhardt, New York, NY 
2005 BFA, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA
2002 State Fair Community College, Sedalia, MO 

Awards and Residencies
2016 One Room Practice, Practice, New York, NY, November
2015 YoYoYo Initiative, Lyeberry, Rema Hort Mann Foundation 
2014 Nowhere Kitchen, Berlin, Germany, August
2014 Prattsville Art Center, Prattsville NY, June/July
2012 Franco-American Cultural Exchange Grant, Fondation de France
2011 Popup Projects, Los Angeles, CA
2009 Shared Discovery of What We Have and Know Already, a seminar by Haegue Yang, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN

Curatorial projects
2018 Lyeberry #26: Strata III, a site-specific installation by Camila Rodrigo Graña, Lyeberry HQ, Brooklyn, NY
2017 Postcards from America, curated with Victor Celaya, Celaya Brothers Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico
2017 Lyeberry #24: Backwoods, Paintings and drawings by Gillian Davis, Lyeberry HQ, Brooklyn, NY
2017 Lyeberry #23: Contact a video by John Burtle and Paul Pescador, Lyeberry HQ, Brooklyn, NY
2017 Lyeberry #21: Love Laws, an installation by Ila Krishnamoorthy, Lyeberry HQ, Brooklyn, NY 
2017 Lyeberry #20: Still, Life, a site-specific installation by j.frede, Lyeberry HQ, Brooklyn, NY
2017 Lyeberry #19: This Machine Kills Fascists, a series of protest-song-writing workshops, Lyeberry HQ, Brooklyn, NY
2016 Joy Syringe, Practice, New York, NY
2016 Lyeberry #15: Castles Made of Sand, 2016 London Biennale pollination at Lyeberry HQ, Brooklyn, NY
2014 Joy Syringe, 2014 London Biennale pollination at 321 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2011 The Revolution of Everyday Life, Galerie Michel Journiac, Paris, France 
2007 Internal Mechanisms, High Energy Constructs, Los Angeles, CA

2018 The Word is Art, ed. by Michael Petry (London: Thames & Hudson) October
2018 PRACTICE x Wind (Los Angeles: N-o-nS…e;nSI/c::::a_L), February 
2017 Poetics of a Wall Projection, Joseph Imhauser (Prattsville: PAC Publishing) July 
2017 Things We Leave Behind, j.frede (New York: Lyeberry Press) July 
2017 We Will Hold You Responsible (New York: Protest Postcards) March
2016 Greenpoint, G. William Webb and Joseph Imhauser (New York: Lyeberry Press) October
2016 Diagonal(e), Lucie Rocher (New York: Lyeberry Press and Antoine Lefebvre Editions) September
2016 Todo en Orden (Mexico City: Celaya Brothers Gallery) June (spanish)
2016 Marcel Broodthaers fanzine, insert Found Printer #1 pp. 1-8 (Paris: Antoine Lefebvre Editions) March
2015 Blind Forces Cannot Organize Themselves Into Intelligently Structured Objects (Paris: Antoine Lefebvre Editions) July
2015 Exit: Cartografia de la Creatividad, ed. Lara Balderrama (Culiacan: Museo de Arte de Sinaloa) July
2015 The Hubris Issue (London: Roulade Magazine) April
2015 Squid Sheek Vol. 1, ed. Jake Borndal (Richmond: VCU Art) March
2014 Utopias and Realites (New York: TransBorder Art) September
2014 Luckyday, (Los Angeles: Lyeberry Press) June
2014 Body Politics, ed. Christina Thomolopolous (Athens: EMBROS Free Theatre) March
2013 Issue #6: Anticipation, ed. by Mia Nolting and Rachel Peddersen (New York: Andreview) December
2013 Future Definition (visualization), Le Carré nº 8 (Paris: La Bibliothèque Fantastique) April
2012 2 + 1: a collaborative interview project, ed. Rachel Peddersen (Portland: Publication Studio) May 
2012 NYU MFA 2012, (New York: NYU Steinhardt) April 
2011 Surf's Up: The Aesthetics of Disappearance, ed. Bob Nickas, (New York: White Column Publications)  W.C. #39, December 
2011 how ounces become tons, (New York: NYU Wagner School of Public Policy) November  
2011 LBF #2 (Paris: La Bibliothèque Fantastique) November  
2011 Collective Show: Los Angeles (Los Angeles: Collective Show) May 
2011 Paper Control (Minneapolis: Walker Art Center) March 
2010 Elysian Park Monument #1 (Los Angeles: Elysian Park Museum of Art and Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions) October  
2010 The Memory Bank Project, ed. Evelyn Serrano, Los Angeles, September
Articles and Reviews
2018 ART «INTOTO», ÉBAUCHES DE BEAUTÉ by Judicael Lavrador, Liberation, April
2018 INTOTO by Alain Berland, Mouvement Magazine, April
2018 18 exposiciones en México: CONDO trae a la capital producciones de medio centenar de galerías extranjeras, ARTEINFORMADO, April
2018 CDMX Condo, by Luis Mesa, Fashion Week Mexico City, April
2018 ¿Qué es CONDO Mexico City? 10 exhibiciones que tienes que ver este fin de semana, i-D Mexico, Vice, April
2018 CONDO en la CDMX by Ayrton Galicia, All City Canvas, April
2017 Thomas Fougeirol's Magic Intoto Pop Ups by Matthew Rose, Artblog, December
2017 Postcards from America: Celaya Brothers Gallery Opens Group Exhibition, Art Daily, October
2017 Postcards from America' at Celaya Brothers Gallery, Mexico City, ArtNews, October 
2017 Ryhmänäyttely: The Book of the WORD, Michael Petry, Helsingin Uutiset, August
2017 Prattsville Art Center, Arts Alive/Greene County Council for the Arts, July/August
2017 'Buscan reactivar comercia en la Roma', Lourdes Zambrano, Reforma, Mexico City, Mexico, July
2017 En bokstavlig och lättillgänglig grupputställning, Helen Korpak, Hufvudstadsbladet, July
2017 From Beaded Portraiture to Brainwave Drawings, Favorites from Greenpoint Open Studios, Seph Rodney, Hyperallergic, July
2016 Todo en Orden (Colectiva No. 3)COHETE: Textos de Arte Contemporáneo en México, July
2016 CELAYA BROTHERS GALLERY: La Revolución de las Galerías de Arte en la CDMX, by Clara Marbán, Melí Meló, June
2016 Celaya Brothers Gallery: Una fresca propuesta estética, by Sergio Pérez Gavilán, Vice | The Creators Project, June
2016 Celaya Brothers presenta ‘Todo en orden’, by Christian Mendoza, Indie Rocks, June
2016 Celaya Brothers Gallery opens group exhibition,, June
2016 IntuiTalk | Joseph Imhauser, IntuiTalk, June
2016 Rican/Struction, by Abraham Cruzvillegas,, April
2015 Se confrontan en el arte México y EU, Noroeste, July 
2015 Tres exposiciones este mes en El Masin, El Debate, July
2015 Se confrontan en el arte México y EU by Elizabeth Gámez, Noroeste, June 
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2015 Viven el arte del mundo en El Masin, Linea Directa, June
2014 If We Carry on Speaking the Same Language to Each Other, We Are Going to End Up Repeating the Same History, by Cheyanne Turions, November
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